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Top Rated Epoxy Floor Contractor In Tampa Florida

Polished Concrete Floors

We Install Polished and Stained Concrete Slabs that look beautiful

Decorative Concrete

Our Decorative Concrete Designs will light up any Room!

Concrete Contracting

We are equipped with the right tools and equipment to get your concrete project done the proper manner.

Flooring Installation

Our flooring system provides homeowners and commercial businesses with durable Epoxy flooring that is easy to maintain and resistant to chemical stains and abrasions.

Garage Flooring

Our Epoxy Garage Floors have different wide ranging warranty’s. We install floors that last a lifetime.

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Best Epoxy Flooring Company IN Tampa!

The government, educational, health, retail, industrial, and commercial industries trust Florida Epoxy Pros to provide high-quality flooring solutions. We recommend Epoxy Flooring Tampa solutions for its high-standard features that make it a good investment. Some of the well-known benefits of Epoxy Flooring Tampa solutions include:


  • Safety– Epoxy floors are known to be durable and slip-resistant. This is essential for high-traffic areas prone to spills, slips, and falls.
  • Design– The seamless design of epoxy floors compared to tiles is one of its attractive features. It is resistant to welds, grout lines, and grooves where harmful bacteria can form.
  • Aesthetics– Epoxy floors come with customized patterns, colors, and blends that make it an attractive option for commercial and industrial flooring. Florida Epoxy Pros are also skilled at embedding logos and markings that add to the character of your floors.
  • Durability– Epoxy floors are resistant to harsh elements including chemicals. It is also impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant making it one of the best investments for long-lasting flooring solutions. This is most suitable for heavy-use areas where heavy machinery and equipment like trucks or dumbells can create problems.
  • Sanitary– There are state-of-the-art materials that come with antimicrobial properties making epoxy floors suitable for healthcare and medical facilities.
  • Easy Maintenance– Epoxy floors reduce the cost of maintenance and are easy-to-clean. With less possibility of cracks and abrasions, there will also be a lesser need for replacements.
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Let our certified experts transform the look and feel of your home.



Find the right paving material and save money with our affordable service rates.

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Have the freedom to choose any flooring materials and effects for your house.



Give your house a finished look with our quick carpet installation process.

Industrial and
Commercial Concrete  Conctracting Specialists

Our epoxy flooring Tampa specialists install and repair flooring in shops, garages, warehouses, healthcare facilities, government, and educational facilities. Our Concrete Contracting flooring systems are also efficient for application in restrooms, commercial kitchens, clinics, retail offices, gyms, and sports facilities. We have the equipment, materials, and useful resources to help our customers with their flooring problems. We provide inexpensive and modern floors that are designed to reduce high maintenance costs. Other industries we are capable of extending our epoxy flooring Tampa services to include:

  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Animal & Veterinary
  • Fire & Public Safety
  • Aviation & Transportation
  • Education
  • Technology & Science
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Retail
  • Restaurants & Hospitality
  • Food & Beverage Processing
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Commercial Polished Concrete Contractors of Tampa

Florida Epoxy Pros is committed to providing high-performing Polished Concrete solutions. Our flooring solutions are made to endure harsh impact, wear-and-tear, spills, sanitation threats, and heavy loads. We provide floor protection and floor coatings for high-performance floor systems in Tampa industries. Our flooring systems also ensure the safety of those who are going to use it from employees and customers to students and athletes. Expect our floor systems to withstand high foot and wheel traffic as well as harsh acids. We also guarantee that our floor systems will pass sanitation requirements. Rest assured that our team utilizes the best practices in every flooring project.


Stained Concrete Specialists

Florida Epoxy Pros is a trusted stained concrete contractor. Read more to find out about different concrete slab staining options that we offer. 

Top Rated Decorative Concrete Company

The Florida Epoxy Pros team is certified, skilled, and experienced in modern techniques for beautifying concrete floors. This includes staining, painting, stenciling, engraving, and adding custom finishes. We provide floors with added protection that serve more than just functionality. Our polished concrete floors have the aesthetics you can be proud of. Our team also utilizes safe and sanitary practices when working on new and existing concrete slabs.

Areas We Service

We greatfully serve the areas of Tampa, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St Petersburg and more..

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