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Epoxy flooring, which can also be referred to as epoxy resin flooring, applies both for industrial and home. It is used for protecting flooring or fixing flawed flooring, of warehouses, shipping, and showrooms.

Our company Florida Epoxy Pros with its dedicated team of specialists in epoxy flooring makes sure that the customer benefits from a correct flooring solution to suit their needs. When you call Tampa Epoxy Flooring, we are always readily available to report to your home or business and explore the area you need to take care of.

We also will always come with professional assistance by way of suggestions and guidance to help you take the best flooring decisions.

This choice of flooring is not uncommon in industrial or commercial locations, but when it comes to home use, it is often not a big deal. When the epoxy is at its final finish, it is seamless and shiny enough that it increases the high-end look of the room. With industrial style being brought into homes and luxury apartments, epoxy flooring starts making its way into residential areas and society more appealingly. Besides this luxury phenomenon, cleaning and maintaining these floors is so easy that it’s becoming increasing cool to consider home epoxy flooring. Imagine how exceptional an epoxy stone, aggregate, or pebble flooring would look great in the entry, laundry, or even kitchen with its durability. Epoxy Floors are our life and we won’t let them fail.

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Places that can use Epoxy Floors

Concrete is increasingly becoming the definitive no-wax flooring material especially given the advances in polishing equipment and techniques. This enables floor installers to restore concrete surfaces, new and old, to such a high-gloss finish that leaves it with no need for waxing or coatings. First we grind the concrete so that it is porous, fill any cracks and sand to complete a full surface prep. Following that we lay down epoxy to bind with the concrete followed by flakes and other top coats to ensure a durable flooring solution. It can be used in the following places without fear of delaminating: 

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Experienced Epoxy Flooring Professionals

We know that you do not just need a coat of epoxy. If you did, you would head over to ACE hardware and get going. The problem is that you will be left with a peeling coat of paint that doesn’t stand the test of time and looks uglier then a standard concrete slab. Epoxy should not be a Do It Yourself (DIY) task for it may seem simple to handle, but when a professional with experience does it, the results are always exceptional and worth the cost you’ve incurred. Our company Florida Epoxy Pros is your perfect alternative of not settling for mediocre results from a Tampa company that charges a higher price. We are that best Tampa Polished Concrete company you deserve, and we are worth it as per our experience.

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Offering exceptional standards in quality and service is our focus, and also we are highly focused on satisfying customers and being solution-oriented. We value integrity in our negotiations quite highly and make sure our products are the best.

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The Rush For Epoxy Floors

An increasing number of retail, office facilities, warehouse, restaurants, floors, showroom, garages and interior residential are going for polished concrete floors as an alternative to marble, tile, travertine, linoleum, or coated surfaces.

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The Best Epoxy Flooring Company In Tampa

With our proficiency and quality, our polishers will handle polishing and clean your concrete or marble floors to polishing, overpayments, epoxy coatings, or commercial or industrial facilities concrete repairs. Though concrete polishing may seem like a simple task, only professionals of the likes of our Florida Epoxy Pros specialists can produce the kind of exceptional results you have been dreaming of. Fill our quick contact form, detailing each of your Epoxy Flooring & concrete polishing needs, and we will be prompt to send you a fast quote.



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