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Garage floors take a lot of daily torture and abuse. They need to be able to support the weight of vehicles. They also need to withstand dirt, ice, salty water, motor oil, gasoline, other contaminants as well as hot tires, not to mention foot traffic. For these reasons many home owners in Tampa, Florida prefer the durable concrete floor.

There are two types of concrete floor sealers for our garage:

  • Topical Sealers. These types of sealers include epoxy coatings, acrylics, polyaspartics and polyurethanes.
  • Penetrating Sealers.

Choosing which type of sealer to go for largely depends on what you want to accomplish. We have the best epoxy garages in tampa.

If your garage has concrete flooring, you will need to seal and maintain the concrete surface to keep it in top shape. The right concrete floor sealer for your garage and its proper application will protect your concrete flooring.

Sealing your Tampa, Florida garage flooring concrete is one of the many flooring options you can choose from. Sealing is able to protect the dull and gray concrete surface and provide a nice, beautiful and clean look at an affordable cost.

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Topical Garage Flooring Concrete Sealers

Topical sealers are able to adhere well to the concrete surface. They are often also called concrete floor coatings. Floor coatings are also available in various colors to enhance the look of the concrete flooring.

  • Garage Floor Coatings are usually 2 parts resin coatings mixed together and then applied in multiple coats to the concrete surface. When cured they become a hard and extremely durable coating. The abrasive properties, chemical resistance and thickness of these coatings differ depending on the type of product.
  • Acrylic Concrete Floor Sealers. These types of sealer form a thin and clear protective layer on the concrete surface. Two thin coats are usually applied to provide the best protection to the concrete surface. They however need to be re-applied after every 18- 24 months.

Acrylic sealers provide protection against the intrusion of chloride and water. It also provides minimum protection against vehicle fluids, stains, pick up of road salt and hot tire when immediately cleaned.

Acrylic sealers offer a glossy and a wet-like look. They are also available in matt finish. These sealers dry a few hours after application depending on the weather. These sealers are the less durable of all topical sealers they can withstand up to moderate foot traffic.

  • Epoxy Concrete Floor Sealers. Epoxy is the most popular flooring system in Tampa, Florida. It is also durable because it provides a chemical bond with the concrete surface. Epoxy is thicker than acrylic sealers making it also more durable.

Epoxy sealers are abrasion resistance and can hold up to high foot traffic. They are also   water, vehicle fluid, oil, road salts, pick up of hot tire resistant. It is also stain resistant so it is fine not to immediately clean chemical spills.

Epoxy is a bit more difficult to install and needs the concrete surface to be properly prepared prior to installation. Epoxy flooring can be cleaned with water and mild soap. Epoxy floors have a glossy shine and are available in pigmented finishes.

Reasons Epoxy is the Top Garage Flooring Concrete

Many home garages in Tampa, Florida are today made with pigmented or clear coat of epoxy. Tampa, Florida garages are today becoming more than just a space to park cars. Many family activities are done in the garage.

Epoxy is a resin that is thermosetting. It is a coating applied on the concrete surface. When one part resin is mixed with one part of hardener a chemical reaction is achieve to create the epoxy coating. The hardener functions as a catalyst that provides epoxy with its strength.

Epoxy coating can provide a lot of benefits to your Tampa, Florida garage.

  • It protects and transforms your ugly and dull concrete surface into a flooring system that is beautiful and functional.
  • It provides one of the most durable and toughest finishes you can apply to your garage flooring concrete.
  • It comes in a numerous hues and also solid colors. Epoxy is also available in custom colors. Color flakes can be added to the epoxy coating to create your own unique flooring system.
  • It is a versatile flooring system with patterns and colors to suit everyone’s taste and preference.
  • It is resilient to chipping, impacts, chemicals, surface abrasion and stains.
  • Being a topical sealer, epoxy is resistant to moisture.
  • In dry floors, debris and dirt can easily be cleaned with a soft broom or dust mop.
  • Hot tire pick up will not cause the epoxy coating to deteriorate.
  • It is a thick coating that will be able to hide minor concrete surface imperfections such as flaws ad spider cracks.
  • Anti-slip properties can be added for safety.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

If you are ready to install epoxy flooring in your garage, you will now need to decide on the type of epoxy flooring to go for.

  • 100% Solids Epoxy. This type that has the highest quality. It is a thick coat that needs to be applied by professional installers in Tampa, Florida. This type of epoxy coating is of commercial grade quality. The application process and the thickness of the epoxy will make the floor last a lifetime.  
  • Waterborne Epoxy. This epoxy coating also performs well. Since it is water soluble, it less reactive and can be installed in in thicker concrete or concrete slabs. This type of epoxy does not come with a solvent odor. It produces a tough surface that is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. It is LEED approved for indoor application.

Solvent-Borne Epoxy. This is one of the very first types of epoxy flooring used. It leaves a hard and thick epoxy coating on the concrete surface resulting from a mixture of organic compounds that are solvent-based. This type of epoxy can be applied even to concrete surfaces that are thin and still be strong and durable

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Epoxy Flooring Installation Guidelines

Here is some additional information on epoxy installation.

    • It may take several days for epoxy to cure. The floor may appear hard after minutes or hours after installation but epoxy should be allowed to completely cure for days. After two days foot traffic can start. Vehicles can be parked about 5 days after installation. co
  • The second coat of epoxy should be applied after 48 hours of the installation of the first coat. This will endure that the second coat will partially stick to the firs coat instead of just creating a mechanical bond.
  • Direct sunlight may cause the epoxy flooring to chalk or turn yellow. If direct sunlight hits your garage, choose darker colors.
  • Make sure epoxy is applied in a day when temperature is between 650F to 850F.

Tampa, Florida homeowners are going for epoxy coating because of their capability to strengthen the concrete surface, strong adhesion and decorative effects.

With the installation of epoxy coatings homeowners are able to protect the concrete surface underneath from chemical corrosion, chemical deterioration and wear.

Epoxy makes the concrete floor resistant to many things leaving it extremely tough, durable, easy to clean and manage as well as flooring option that will last for a long time,



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