How Epoxy Garage Flooring Improves Your Home

When Monday morning rolls around, you head to the garage to get into your car drive off to another busy day at work. However, as you pull away, you notice that your vehicle spent all weekend leaking onto the garage.

While it’s not the worst thing to happen, you now have to find time to empty your garage out, power wash, and likely paint over it. Even if you buy a can of paint that matches, it will always look like an amateur touch-up job.

Instead, more homeowners tend to choose epoxy garage floors for the added value to their home, as well as years of low-maintenance service. Whether you’ve remained on the fence or haven’t given it a though, below are some reasons why it’s become a commodity.

And if you do want to enjoy the same benefits as your neighbors, you can always count on Florida Epoxy Pros for the best quality installation around. Stop relying on boring gray concrete and choose epoxy garage floors today.

Superior Durability

Your garage is not a soft place to stay inside for long. Concrete floors, block walls, aluminum garage doors, and sharp, pointy objects make it a rough room to work.

Unfortunately, each time one of those piercing, solid objects come crashing down, it’s taking a chunk out of your floor in the process. And when there is limited space for vehicles to park, that means creating your home’s personal potholes.

Epoxy garage floors can withstand more direct impacts and weight than nearly any other building material available to you. Even the existing poured concrete doesn’t compete with the superior durability epoxy creates.

If you find yourself regularly working in your garage, or you have a collection of tools and equipment, then epoxy flooring remains the best choice for more homes. You can’t protect your garage from itself without calling us for better installations.

Longer Lasting Colors

Some homeowners decide to get creative with their initial garages, preferring to paint their floors different colors or patterns. However, it doesn’t take long for the sun, rain, and daily vehicle wear and tear to leave your surfaces faded.

Brighter colors stay useful in making your garage appear lighter and larger, while darker shades may prevent stains from popping through so easily. Unfortunately, no matter what color you paint it, they won’t hold up to automotive fluid stains and other chemical spots.

Epoxy floors not only come in a variety of hues and colors, but they remain bright and sparkling for longer. Even heavy daily use won’t fade them out or leave them streaked, scuffed, and stained again.

When you need your garage to appear as a proper room in your home, you need a better flooring option that provides lasting color. You won’t discover a better choice for your garage than quality epoxy flooring.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Right now, when you drop a hammer in your garage, you’ll probably going to need to do at least a small concrete patch. If nothing else, maybe a squirt of adhesive surface filler to prevent further cracking.

Even if you filled it in correctly, it’s still going to cause premature damages following the impact. Pretty soon, your floors will look like spiderwebs, forcing you to tear it down and replace it entirely.

Epoxy flooring, on the other hand, has little to no maintenance and related costs. If it gets installed correctly on the first try, you may never need to lift a finger keeping it looking its best.

You may find some cheaper epoxy alternatives, like faux surface layers, that look similar but don’t last as long. And what they don’t tell you is that their costs to maintain them stay much higher.

Improve Your Home’s Value

Epoxy overlay family room floor Tampa, Florida

Everyone these days have tailored their sales pitch to you around the value it adds to your home. However, most of what these door-to-door salespeople leave out is that they won’t provide the amount you think.

Take, for instance, solar panel installations in your neighborhood. Someone bangs on your door and informs you that service at the price of 40 grand is something you can recoup when you sell your home.

In reality, someone who is purchasing your house doesn’t care that there are mirrors on your roof. And considering the maintenance costs associated with keeping up with them, it isn’t exactly what they sold you.

Epoxy floors, however, are relatively cheap to install and require hardly anything on your end. They can last upwards of 50 years, adding tangible value to your house.

Complete Customizability

At first, gray concrete doesn’t seem like such a bad option inside your garage. After all, it’s not like you entertain guests there.

However, after a while, it starts looking like a floor in a prison cell. You wish that you could add a splash of color to an already dark, dull room, but you know that paint isn’t going to cut it.

Epoxy garage flooring comes in a diverse range of colors, metallic flakes, patterns, and more, allowing you free range over how the finished product comes out. Even if you aren’t the one installing it, and we recommend that you aren’t, you control what gets added to it.

Whether you’re looking for a private showroom for classic cars or merely improve your garage’s overall appearance, epoxy is the superior choice each time. Why continue living with uninspiring concrete when there’s a better option available?

Temperature Resistant

When the seasons transition from hot, muggy weather to bitter cold nights and rainstorms, it takes a toll on your garage floor. Concrete expands under heat and constricts from cold, making it change its elasticity often.

Unfortunately, that is how cracks form, from the interior layers getting stretched and released. And when moisture enters these gaps and steams or freezes, it destroys concrete surfaces quickly.

While a quality concrete pour can last for about 20 years under perfect condition, that is likely not the case in your home. And when you have the added weight and wear of parking vehicles inside of it, you only see your floors wear away sooner.

Epoxy flooring doesn’t care what Mother Nature is doing outside, because it remains constant throughout every season. And because it’s naturally resistant to flames, it makes your garage even safer.

Faster Cleaning

Some people keep a separate beverage refrigerator in their garage, while others treat it as their art studio at home. No matter what it is you use your garage for, you will have a mess on your hands eventually.

From spilled paint cans to automotive fluids, there are plenty of things that leave your garage looking gross. Worst of all, nearly everything you drop will set in and stain the concrete surface almost instantly.

Epoxy repels liquids, making it simple to clean up virtually any spill, no matter what container it came out. And because your new floor doesn’t contain a porous surface, messes couldn’t be easier to clean up.

Why risk living with lingering concrete stains and ruined garage floors when you could skip most of the daily hassle of cleaning? Choose epoxy garage flooring to avoid unnecessary messes again.

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