Are You Looking for Safe, Comfortable and Affordable Garage Flooring?

When you are planning the flooring, you can immediately think of trendy marble for the drawing room, impressive Spanish tiles for the kitchen, polished hardwood dining space, and hexagonal ceramic tiles for the bathroom, etc. However, when you think of garage flooring, you start scratching your head. Whether it is a domestic garage or a commercial one or an industrial market, you do not assign the due importance to the garage flooring. The continuous abuse of the garage space deserves more judicious decision too.

The expert team of Florida Epoxy Pros has perfected the nitty-gritty of the comprehensive flooring solutions. The Tampa Industrial Market, which is buzzing with commercial and industrial activity in Florida State, has added 1.3 million square feet so far this year according to the Newmark Knight Frank’s Research. We can boast that our presence is wide-spread in all the flooring solutions as per the requirement of clientele in Tampa and other nearby locations. You can have a bird’s eye view for safe, comfortable and affordable garage flooring.

Need for a Perfect Solution

Primarily, you will agree that the garage should endure the heavy weight of the vehicles besides the footfalls. Even though the slackness is at a minimum, the abuse of dirt, motor oil, gasoline, and other contaminants besides the ice or salt water cannot be avoided. The garage flooring needs to withstand the heat generated by the vehicle tires too.

One of the best options is the garage concrete flooring which can meet any eventuality you envisage. If you are looking at a budget-friendly but at the same time impressive ambiance, proper sealing methods could assure you the protection to the dull and gray concrete surface.

Sealer Options

The perfect adhesiveness of the topical sealer is also referred to as floor coatings. With the combination of appropriate colors, you can enhance the ambiance of the concrete flooring.

Floor Coating

The multiple coats of resin mixture applied to the concrete flooring will be very durable if you ensure that the sealer-flooring is cured properly. However, the extent of its resistance to the abrasiveness and to chemicals depends upon other factors like the type of product and thickness of the coating etc.

Acrylic Sealer

If you are looking for chloride-resistant sealer, two coats of thin acrylic sealer is a better option. Though the sealing needs a repetition in about two years of time, this sealer is the best protection for the concrete surface from the permeability of chloride or normal water. The translucent coating also resists, in a limited way, the motor oil, grit and other residual dust collected by the vehicle tires. It also helps in sealing the acid-based stains off the concrete floors. Another advantage of the acrylic sealing is in preventing the surface from becoming yellowish in color and also is of low odor.

If an easy application and the pocket-friendly alternative is your objective, perhaps you can try the acrylic concrete sealer option. Though you can use the area after a few hours depending on the weather conditions, the topical sealer cannot withstand the heavy traffic movement nor is very long durable.

Epoxy Concrete Sealer

Florida Epoxy Pros is of the firm opinion that epoxy concrete sealer is the most recommended option for its durability. In case the garage space is prone to abrasion or heavy wear and tear, the high build epoxy protective coating is ideally recommended. The slightly thicker than the acrylic sealing, the chemical bond of the surface enhances the durability. The water-resistant epoxy solutions come with clear or pigmented as per your choice.

You can take an advantage of the epoxy concrete sealing in preventing the intrusion of vehicle fluid, oil and other dirt, grit collection by the vehicle tires besides the tire heat. In case of any chemical spill too, you need not rush to clean the surface immediately since epoxy sealing is resistance to stains too.

Why Epoxy is a Winner?

There is no doubt that the domestic garage caters to the multi-purpose activities in addition to the traditional use of parking the vehicles. Therefore, you can enhance the ambiance of the garage with trendy choices so that the environment is better than a stuffed vehicle parking place. The expert team of Florida Epoxy Pros has engaged in epoxy concrete flooring at multiple places and therefore the garage could be used for a variety of get-together too.

The mixture of resin and hardener applied to the concrete resulting in thermosetting. The resistance to the abuse of heavy traffic preventing damage due to motor oil and stains of chemicals or other dirt, grit etc makes the epoxy sealing ideal for anyone.

Do you have Variants in Epoxy Flooring?

You can decide the type of epoxy flooring suitable for your garage.

  • Solid Epoxy:

    If you are aiming at a lifetime service, you can opt for thickly coated epoxy from the team of Florida Epoxy Pros for the best results. Once the commercial-grade quality epoxy coating is in place, there is no need for any repetition.

  • Water-borne Epoxy:

    The water-soluble epoxy applied to the concrete flooring or slabs also prohibits chemicals and other abrasions. There is no solvent-odor with this type and is also ideal for an indoor application which has an approval from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

  • Solvent Epoxy:

    You can think of the lower-end of the epoxy solutions to the thin concrete surface and get a strong and durable result. The solvent-based coating leaves a coating on the concrete surface though.


  • Extends Life:

    When you opt for epoxy coating, there is no need for a major floor repair. It extends the life of the concrete flooring

  • Handles years of abuse:

    The professional execution of the job ensures that the garage flooring is able to resist the years of abuse from heavy vehicular traffic

  • Easy Maintenance:

    With a minimum maintenance of regular cleaning and mopping, you can expect the pristine quality

  • Resists from Fading:

    In addition to shrugging off the spills and stains, the epoxy coating prevents fading from UV exposure too.

  • Durability:

    It is capable of enduring all types of wear and tear including chemical resistance and therefore is the life is long lasting.

Our expert team is available for any type of service in flooring solutions.

For the reliable and professional service, you can get in touch with Florida Epoxy Pros and we will be very happy to serve you. Or you can read our other blog post about Polished Concrete Flooring Insights.


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