Why Install Epoxy Flooring?

Becoming a homeowner today is more exciting than ever, with many choices in house furnishings and styles. Choosing the right floors can chew up hours of debating their benefits and differences, as well as why to avoid other options.

One way to skip over the lengthy discussions is by choosing to install epoxy flooring in your home rather than carpet, tile, or hardwood options. Although it remains unconventional in residential property, it stays enjoyed by commercial buildings for decades.

The reason why is that it creates a solid, durable floor that lasts, and it makes it straightforward to customize its appearance. It’s difficult to make standard flooring options feel unique when everyone buys the same brands and colors.

Below are just some of the numerous reasons why more homeowners choose to use epoxy flooring in their houses rather than tile, hardwood, and other standard materials. And when you are ready to have it professionally installed for your place, just call Florida Epoxy Pros for the best results.

What are Epoxy Floors?

Epoxy floors get created by combining a chemical polymer that hardens into a plastic-based resin. That results in a shiny, hardened candy-like coating that holds up to impacts and stains better than most materials.

The shimmering showroom quality of your floors does more than merely look nice. The finished coat remains a durable layer of protection, holding up against daily foot traffic, wear and tear, and direct impacts.

When the polymer solidifies, it won’t break back down or separate into its different chemical components. Because it uses a reaction with the chemicals to form a solid barrier, it permanently stays shielded with little to no maintenance.

Whether you have rooms that stay prone to stains or areas that take more of a daily beating than others, epoxy floors remain a top consideration for many. If you have kids, pets, or clumsy roommates, you want this flooring option installed today.

Simple Installation

First, the bad news; your floors will take at least two to three days to finish installing, and a couple more with custom colors and patterns. That means that if you want this flooring type installed, you’ll need to vacate for a few days to allow us to finish.

That said, it’s still often a far faster installation than other material types, and much of that time is waiting for substances to dry. Different material types require sub-floor installations, wood framing, adhesive coatings, and more.

Thankfully, if you only need epoxy installed in a few rooms or just in your garage, you may not have to leave at all. We can target specific areas, such as the kitchen or bathrooms, and leave the rest of your home intact.

If you can’t decide which floor type is right for you, and you’re short on time, then epoxy is a better solution for more homeowners. Don’t leave your home longer than you must by having epoxy flooring installed today.

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Water, Stain, & Mess Resistant

The reason why more businesses and industrial organizations depend on epoxy floors is that they remain naturally resistant to liquids and staining. The shiny surface makes it difficult for liquids to absorb into the material, leaving behind a mess that cleans up quick.

All your floors need is quick flicks of the wrist, and a paper towel and most spills are gone. Even dark liquids, hot food and beverages, and most chemicals can safely get drawn away without harm.

One of the significant benefits is that the resin forms a smooth, even topmost layer. Other flooring material types, like tile, grout, and hardwood, have porous surfaces that stains easily stick to daily.

You’ll also find weekly cleaning a breeze, with sweeping and light mopping being the go-to maintenance requirements. If you’re sick of cleaning floors that stay stained, epoxy saves you time every day.

Custom Colors & Patterns

One of the primary reasons why more homeowners don’t select epoxy surfaces is that they believe that they must look like a warehouse or employee break-room. However, those examples feature more industrial settings, and not what they can do for your home.

Epoxy can get dyed a broad variety of colors, as well as include decorative touches like flakes of metals or gold. You can get creative with your potential designs, making your floors uniquely yours.

You can even go the extra distance and use logos, images, and other inspirational leaping off points to create the perfect man cave, garage, or project workstations. Because epoxy remains versatile, the only limits are what your designs become.

Why spend a fortune on customizing wood floors or using expensive stone tile? Enjoy more features for less with your new epoxy surfaces.

Beneficial Reflective Lighting

One complaint more homeowners have with their kitchens and bathrooms is that the lighting is less than ideal. And while you could upgrade your bathroom vanities or kitchen light fixtures, sometimes it’s not the wattage that’s the issue.

Some homes maintain more shadowy appearances than others, while some lack enough natural lighting sources. When you have kitchen spaces that don’t have enough windows, it means squinting through every recipe you cook.

Because epoxy flooring remains shiny, it can add more light to rooms through reflection. As your typical light fixtures shine down on them, they beam some of it back into a soft ambient glow.

You can purchase an expensive new light fixture and still not see the results you had hoped to achieve. Instead, your new floors can add more light to any space they get installed.

Safe for You & the Environment

Because epoxy primarily gets used in industrial settings, some people may think that it’s unsafe for daily residential use. However, once it all dries completely, there’s nothing to worry about ever again.

You won’t notice any unusual odors after the initial new floor smell wears off, and unlike carpets, there are no risks of formaldehyde or acetones lingering around. That means that if you have children or pets running about, they’re doing so in the safest play environment available.

Not only is it safer flooring option, but it’s a greener flooring alternative over traditional material types. There are no trees to cut down for wood or synthetic fibers getting produced, reducing the amount of pollution used in your installation.

When you keep your home safer, as well as the environment healthier, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. When you need to know that your family will live freer from harm, epoxy is the ideal solution.

Improved Home Protection

You already know that liquids won’t seep into epoxy, so that makes it a slip and fall hazard, right? Surprisingly, these floors stay naturally slip resistant, making them safer for younger children and accidents.

Changes in temperature quickly lead to floors boards worn out of alignment, or tiles that get dislodged over time. Your solid resin surfaces remain the same elasticity once it has dried in place, making temperature changes a worry of the past.

Do you have wood floors or tile that stay scuffed from furniture getting moved around? Epoxy floors hold up to even the most powerful impacts, leaving you free from unsightly blemishes.

Finally, epoxy flooring is also flame resistant, adding an extra level of protection against house fires. Whatever benefits you could want from your new floor installations, epoxy provides it all.

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