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Concrete floors are durable. When concrete floors are sealed they become more durable. Epoxy is a flooring material applied on top of concrete surfaces to act as a sealant to make them more resilient and durable. Florida Epoxy Pros in Clearwater, Florida can ensure the successful installation of epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is a combination of durability and visual appeal. It is a versatile flooring option ideal for commercial and industrial spaces. It is also starting to become popular for residential application.

Epoxy is a resinous flooring alternative that combines resins and hardeners. These two materials mix and react with each other to create a chemical bond that will adhere to a clean, prepped concrete surface. The resulting material of the chemical bond is stiff and durable and will bond exceptionally well with the substrate.

Epoxy flooring installation in Clearwater, Florida is a flooring option that consists of many layers of epoxy that are two millimeters or more in depth.
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The many benefits of epoxy flooring

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Able to withstand the strongest oil and chemical spills.
  • Resilient to hot tire marks.
  • Resistant to permanent marks and scratches.
  • Resistant to impact and abrasion causing the floor not to chip or crack.
  • Resistant to dust and other allergens.
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Reflects light lessening the need for artificial lighting
  • Available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs.
  • Quick to install and easy to clean.

Stained concrete, epoxy flake, and metallic epoxy have so many benefits outside of appearance. 

what other flooring options do i have?


    • POLISHED CONCRETE. Polished concrete is a fast growing concrete flooring option in the market today. From simple concrete floors in warehouses and manufacturing plants to the more complex decorative and colored floors in showrooms, retail stores and even in homes, polished concrete can impress your guests, customers and employees.Polished concrete involves the use of industrial diamonds, sealers and impregnating hardeners to grind polish and seal the concrete surface.Polished concrete entails a multi-step process to allow homeowners and business owners to choose the level of sheen which can range from satin to a high gloss finish. The versatility of this flooring system provides commercial, industrial and home many benefits:
    • Resistant to high foot traffic without causing and scratches.
    • Resistant to impact and abrasion without causing any chips or dents.
    • Available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs.
    • Resistant to damage concrete floors are subjected to daily. The high gloss finish resists stains from oil and chemical spills. It is also scratch resistant so it will resist marks from tires of heavy equipment and constant movement of product display racks in retail stores.
    • Highly reflective to light to project a clean, bright and professional look. It is also energy efficient as it lessens the need of artificial lighting.
    • Sustainable flooring option without the need for any hazardous adhesives, coatings or cleaners.
    • Requires less cleaning and maintenance as polished concrete floors only requires occasional cleaning with a damp mop.

    Polished concrete is ideal to use in:

    • Retail stores
    • Car showrooms
    • Office buildings
    • Restaurants and Hotels
    • Homes
  • DECORATIVE CONCRETE. Concrete surfaces can be decorated to transform dull floors into visually appealing floors. Decorative concrete is one of the newest trends for concrete floors, patios, entrance-ways, pool decks and many more areas in the home.Today’s builders and homeowners have recognized the value of decorative concrete. Decorative concrete is available in different colors and styles to mimic natural stone and other more expensive flooring options from Spanish tiles, to marble, brick and other flooring materials. Decorative concrete utilizes the process of stamped concrete, stenciled concrete and painted concrete to transform dull concrete floors into colored, textured and patterned floors that are more aesthetically appealing.
  • STAINED CONCRETE. Staining concrete is one of the more popular techniques used to enhance the boring look of plain concrete. The process simply stains the concrete slab in different colors.A water-based concrete stain creates an even finish. It deeply seeps into the pores of concrete to create colors of your choice.  An acid concrete stain produces rich colors when the acid reacts with concrete. It may be a difficult stain to work with but it can produce a marbleized color to create stylish floors. Concrete stains are often used in combination with stamped concrete to enhance the color of the concrete surface for more visual appeal. Stained concrete transforms the functional element of concrete into a concrete floor with unique designs. Concrete stains are available in various colors, textures and designs to compliment any design theme in your home or business.With stained concrete, it is only the color and not the physical strength of concrete that is being altered. Color is allowed to seep into concrete thus it will not flake off. After staining concrete all that is needed to wax or seal the concrete floor and it is ready to use. Stained concrete is easy to clean with a broom or dust mop.


  • GARAGE FLOORING. An epoxy floor is the standard for a durable, tough and good looking garage floor. Epoxy flooring allows your car to sit in clean, shiny and colorful concrete floor without any oil stains, chips and cracks.With an epoxy garage floor you will feel as though you are always driving your car in and out of a car showroom. Epoxy garage flooring is not only known for its visual appeal. While resistant to many elements it can hide many imperfections in the concrete surface. Anti-skid additives can be added to make the garage a safe haven.



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