When planning the design of gyms, it is essential that you put in the effort to find the most practical flooring option. One of the considerations is safety. You need gym flooring that will prevent the risk of injury due to slips and falls. Without proper gym flooring, those who will use the gym may experience discomfort in the joints. Moreover, you may find scratches, cracks, and abrasions from heavy workout equipment and dropped barbell plates on flooring options like simple concrete flooring. In time, flooring options have improved and high-quality concrete polishing became more popular for gym flooring.

Why Use Polished Concrete?

This type of flooring boasts incredible durability that will last long in gym flooring. It is also high-performing and low-maintenance. Other reasons for choosing polished concrete as your gym flooring include:

Long-lasting Gym Flooring

You don’t expect your gym flooring to last only a couple of years and end up with cracks that need to be filled and other floor repairs. Polished concrete is known to last for decades, surpassing the lifespan of most flooring surfaces. This is why polished concrete has become more common in high-traffic places such as schools, hospitals, large stores, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Its superior durability also made it one of the most useful gym flooring options.

Attractive Gym Flooring

Further improvements in polished concrete also added new paints and finishes for more stylish and aesthetically-pleasing flooring surfaces. One of the features of polished concrete is its high light reflectivity making it the perfect option for commercial and industrial sites that need the bright, clean, and professional image of shiny floors. Recent techniques in polished concrete also include staining, stenciling, and engraving that add to its character and appearance. For this reason, concrete polishing is often seen in gyms, basketball courts, lunchrooms, kitchens, office buildings, commercial entryways, offices, production floors, utility rooms, and restrooms. In schools, polished concrete is also recommended for classrooms, offices, restrooms, hallways, lobbies, and auditoriums.

Great for Spill-Prone Areas

While simple concrete can soak up juices, milk and vinegar that can etch the concrete, adding a protective layer can protect your flooring. This makes it a good option even for industrial sites where large machinery, trucks, and oil spills are common.

Low Maintenance Costs

Unlike rubber and carpet flooring, you won’t have to worry about replacements on polished concrete for a long time. Schools, in particular, need to be wary of their budget so a long-lasting, high-performing flooring solution is a must. You may request professional cleaning, grinding, polishing, staining, and protecting from a qualified concrete flooring professional to increase the lifespan of your Epoxy Floor..

Epoxy Floors for Pools

When considering flooring options for sports facilities and aquatic spaces including pools and locker rooms, epoxy flooring comes with high recommendations. Epoxy floors can be installed indoors, outdoors, and underwater. It is designed for some of the toughest sports including Olympics lift training. Epoxy roofing is known as a non-porous and waterproof flooring solution. It also comes with anti-slip features making it perfect for pools and outdoor areas.

Certified Epoxy and Polished Concrete Pros

Florida Epoxy Pros utilizes the best-grade materials and equipment in installing epoxy floors and polished concrete floors. Talk to us for high-quality gym flooring options. We also provide flooring solutions for schools and other commercial sites.

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